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This goes over the important fundamentals of microblading.

This workshop is for someone who has taken a microblading course and still needs guidance. 

The important fundamentals of microblading.
1.How to measure and trace in paper, fake skin, fruit, and 3 live models.
2.How to Find Depth.
3.Why is Eyebrow Clean up Important.
4.How to lift color pigment in case of mistake.
5.Microblading Appointment steps.
6.Understanding Pigments and Modifiers.
7. How to dispose of material after use.
8. Successful Aftercare Treatment.
9. What to do during touch up?
10. Free E-Book (everything you need to know about microblading)

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  • Microblading Refresher Workshop
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    this workshop was created to help those who took a course else where and didn't quite learn everything..
    Instructor: Brandee Blodgett
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